IBAYAK who means " rivers " in Basque, is a small company of enthusiasts of journeys and rivers. After about fifteen years of experience in rafting and in kayak in several continents, the sweetness of the alpine climate and its beautiful torrents brought to us to Guillestre. Gael Caride and the team of IBAYAK proposes you the best  rafting trips on Guil, Durance, Château-Queyras, Ubaye or Verdon and they pass on  you their passion with safety and good mood.

Rafting in the Guil river


The prices vary between 38 and 45 euros according to the course chosen for at least 1:30 h of pleasure.

Several choices of possible rivers, according to your desire, stroll, discovery either sportsman or very sports.

Always in safety we adapt ourselves to your demand.



Course Distance Cotation Nom Prix
C1 10 km  II/III(4) Abriès - Ville Vieille 36 €
C2  8 km IV(5) E4 Chateau Queyras -  45 €
C3  8 km 3-4-(5) Triple chute - Maison du Roy 45 €
C4  10 km II - III E1 Simous - Rabioux (Durance) 38€
Ful day (2 Courses)         70 €

Rafting in the Durance river.



Durance is a perfect river  for the youngest, or the people looking for a quiet activity with some passages of emotion of class 3 *. Good moments in family or between friends by contemplating a magnificent landscape.

The mythical wave of Rabioux waits for you ready to wet you.


Prices between 28€ and 38 €


   Parcours 1 : St Clement-Embrun (16km)     38€

   Parcours 2 : St Clement-Rabioux (7km)      28€
   Parcours 3 : Rabioux-Embrun (9km)           32€



Good to know


Boat from 2 to 8 places. Activity framed by an instructor certificate of State. The minimum age is of 6 years and to know how to swim is compulsory. Necessity of  swimsuit or a  shorts and shoes (sneakers) Duration of the activity: 1:30 am minimum. Duration of the preparations 45 mn (equipment, transport, breifing) 

The price of the activity is by person included: a safety equipment of top of the range and is framed by patented guides of State. 


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